LinkC (formerly the Korean Canadian Bay Street Finance Association) is a non-profit organization bringing Korean-Canadian finance professionals together in the Toronto area. Our mandate is to foster connections amongst the Korean-Canadian finance community, and provide opportunities to learn from one another. 

Founded in 2013, our membership is currently made up of over 200 Korean-Canadian members, including private equity and hedge fund professionals, investment bankers, traders, investment managers, accountants, corporate lawyers, and many other finance-focused professions. Firms represented include Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BofA-Merril Lynch, ONCAP, Mackie Research, TD, Scotia, CIBC, RBC, BMO, National Bank and many others.

We continually strive to bring members of the Korean-Canadian finance community together, hosting events that provide a conducive environment to meet fellow professionals in finance, re-connect with old friends, and learn from the vast amounts of knowledge and experience contained within our LinkC membership. It is our hope that the connections and friendships made with other fellow Koreans in finance at LinkC can enrich our lives both personally as well as professionally.

Who We Are